6 reasons why launching on Product Hunt is important

Written by Jim Raptis

Dec 1, 2020


People speak about Product Hunt launches on social media every day. Some of them are successful, some of them are failures. The rest of them, just, didn't reach their full potential.

To be able to declare the outcome of your launch, you need to have a concrete goal for your launch. And you have to set this goal a lot of days before your big day.

Your whole launch strategy and planning period depends on your end goal.

Your whole launch strategy and planning period depends on your end goal. That's why is crucial to know what to expect out of your launch campaign.

Luckily, I'm here to explain to you the top six (6) reasons, entrepreneurs like to launch their startup, business, or product on Product Hunt nowadays.

1. Get early users#

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Product Hunt has millions of daily active users. From designers and developers to startup founders and executives. Then, it's the perfect place to leave your product link and welcome a bunch of inspiring people to test your app.

These people may never become your customers or your most loyal fans. But they have to share valuable feedback and insight every product owner and entrepreneur needs.

Sometimes all you need is an external opinion to unlock your creativity and passion.

2. Validate an idea#

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As we said earlier, the Product Hunt community is a diverse group of professionals who are into tech solutions.

Then, it's the perfect place to validate ideas. Considering that your product target a customer segment that gathers around Product Hunt.

Of course, the validation doesn't come through finishing on the top spots (the feeling is awesome though). The validation comes in other ways, like your first sales, feedback on your idea, or an increase in your subscribers.

3. Boost up organic traffic#

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Not everyone knows that! But Product Hunt ranks very well on Google. This means that your product page on Product Hunt will rank very well too.

When people will search for your main keywords, they may come across your Product Hunt listing. And then visit your website.

You add a very strong backlink into your "SEO quiver".

At the same time, you will always have a daily flow of traffic through the internal Product Hunt search.

4. Find your first customers#

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You have a product. You have a validated demand. But you fail to attract new prospects to your landing page (or your product).

What you need is a boost of traffic into your website and a Product Hunt launch will do exactly that.

A good launch can lead to 10-20k views in a few days

A good launch can lead to 10-20k views in a few days. And a well-defined conversion funnel can convert these prospects into customers.

It's the ideal way to boost up sales for your startup on any of its' stages. Works both for a mature business or a fresh product.

For the later, lifetime deals can secure funds to keep the business sustainble for a couple of months.

5. Shape up partnerships#

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There are very few things in business like partnerships. Meeting new inspiring people can move you and your business forward.

And almost always a Product Hunt launch lead to new valuable connections for you.

Of course, not all of your new connections will be useful. There many people who just seek to promote their own product or take advantage of your virality.

Be careful and focus on meaningful connections with kind and reliable people instead.

Focus on meaningful connections

6. Raise brand awareness#

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People always love freebies. And the Product Hunt community loves free products very much. Free templates, course, web apps, or plugins.

By sharing these free resources, you have a significant advantage over all the other salesy product launches.

Launching free products is the perfect plan to build your personal brand or bring your company closer to its fans.


It's crucial to understand this. Ranking in the top 3 positions is not always the goal. Of course, it will satisfy your ego and bring you traffic but don't let it distract you from your real goal.

Always remember!

Set a goal for your launch and stick to it!

Ranking first doesn't guarantee your success. And the featuring failure doesn't necessarily mean you didn't achieve your goal.

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